WELCOME TO Argo apartments B&B!

Argo apartments is located in Kato Daratsos, on the beach "Glaros", 4 km  from the center of Chania and 25 km from the airport "Ioannis Daskalogiannis"of Chania. The three peninsulas in the area of Agioi Apostoloi create four bays. Glaros beach, Chryssi Akti beach to the east and the two smaller ones Agioi Apostoloi,  a name derived from the small church dedicated to Agioi Apostoloi .

Glaros beach lies in the region of Kato Daratsos,in the wider area of Agioi Apostoloi and extends about 1 km west. It is a well-known, organized beach of Chania with a blue flag award. It is a sea with smooth and clear blue waters that can be safely enjoyed by adults and children as well. It is famous for the amazing sunset that you can enjoy from the beach. The amazing colors of the sky at sunset, when it hides behind the island of "Theodoros" is a breathtaking  spectacle that will captivate you and be unforgettable.

Glaros  beach is also ideal for activities such as beach volleyball, canoeing, pedal boating etc. It is an exceptional  beach to enjoy your vacation.

 In the same area, very close to Argo apartments , there are traditional restaurants where you can enjoy  delicacies of local, Mediterranean cuisine. There are large supermarket chain stores and many other smaller groceries, bakeries, cafes,a pharmacy, ATM machines, hairdresser's, shops as well as a bowling center, a playground, a mini-golf course, a soccer field and tennis courts.

For all these reasons the area of Kato Daratso or Glaros beach is the ideal location to spend a carefree vacation. Away from the city's hustle and bustle  but at the same time  very close to the enthralling Venetian port of Chania or  the old port of Chania with its outstanding lighthouse.

Argo apartments B&B is in an amazing location in Kato Daratso, in a quiet street  leading to Glaros beach within  a 200-meter walking distance. There is a bus stop with bus services  to  and from Chania. Transportation is very regular as buses run  every 15 minutes during the summer months.

Additionally, the E65 highway that connects all towns and villages and serves the entire northern axis of the island from west to east is easily accessible from the hotel at a 2 km distance.

For all the above reasons, Argo apartments B&B is undoubtedly one of the ideal destinations to enjoy a quiet and relaxing holiday!

Glaros beach



Chania is a coastal city in northwestern Crete. It covers an area of about thirteen square kilometers and is the second largest city after Heraklion of the island. The city has the typical Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry in summer and mild in winter. The sky is clear between April and October. The atmosphere is almost always warm and heat waves (with temperatures above 38 ° C) are not very common, as there is a constant sea breeze (the "Meltemia"). It usually snows only in the mountains of the prefecture.

Chania is the location in which the Minoans built "Kydonia". From excavations carried out in various districts, such as the one in Kastelli, it became known that the area had been inhabited since the Neolithic era. After the Minoan era, the city became an important city-state with borders from the sea to the foothills of the White Mountains. The first settlers from mainland Greece were the Dorians around 1100 BC.

A mixture of cultures and natural landscapes. From the Old Town to the exotic “Balos” and the famous gorge, Chania offers “raki” (traditional alcoholic drink) and unforgettable experiences!

Chania will steal your heart at first sight. Romans, Byzantines, Saracens, Venetians, Turks arrived before you, creating this cultural corner of Crete. Take a walk at the port, at the Venetian lighthouse, at the Great Arsenali, at Kum Kapi, at Halepa. Get entertained at cafes, bars, restaurants, museums and other cultural venues.

Further you will meet  the beaches of the exotic “Balos”, “Elafonissi” and “Falassarna” with the turquoise waters. Travelling south you will find the world famous Samaria Gorge.



A magical city that invites you to discover it step by step. Every alley comes with a surprise, every walk is a new experience. Stand by the lighthouse of the port of Chania, a 16th century Venetian masterpiece reminiscent of a postcard. Admire important sights such as the “Kucuk Hassan Bey Mosque” or “Yali Mosque”, the renovated “Grand Arsenali”, “Splantzia” (the old Turkish Mahala) and the  “Kum Kapi” (Miaoulis Coast).


Walk at the alleys of Chania's old town and you will meet the  tradition and folklore of Crete. On Skridlof Street there are the well-known “stivanadika” that make “stivania”, the famous Cretan boots. While on Karaoli Dimitriou  Street  there are the knife shops. Meet the  craftsmen who make authentic cretan knives.



Blue waters, snow white sand and some pink touches of crushed shells. Elafonissi is something between a lagoon and an island. An exotic paradise that takes your breath away. It is protected by the Natura 2000 Network, as there are  dunes and more than  100 rare plants.


It is hard  to decide which is more impressive: The rare spectacle that you encounter when you see the lagoon of Balos from above or swimming in its transparent, turquoise waters. In any case, it has fairly become a point of reference for both Crete and the whole Europe. It is protected by the Natura 2000 Network and is a destination we should all visit at least once in our lives!



The gorge of Samaria is one of the most impressive natural landscapes in Europe. It is 16 km long and extends from Omalos plateau in the White Mountains to the Libyan Sea. It is part of the E4 trail that crosses Europe. It is also part of a national park and is protected by UNESCO as a unique "biosphere reserve".